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Valencians in the world

A team of reporters travels to see how Valencians live outside our country, and they show what is most emblematic of the cities where they have gone to live.


Juan, a 105-year-old former infantry major, lives alone in his home and takes care of his daily meals and care without help from anyone. Every day, thanks to his cane, he gets around a highway to get to the supermarket.
Although Juan was happily married, his wife passed away, as did his friends and family.
However, there are also happy memories in Juan’s life. And Solo remembers them.


A call at midnight reveals to the mayoress of a town that the UCO will intervene the town hall in the morning. He gathers his councilmen to announce the fact. Initial consternation turns to indignation when she and the deputy mayor reveal that there is a diversion of European funds to the party.

The mayor requires a culprit to take full responsibility to disassociate her from the party. Nobody wants to assume it and they threaten to uncover the fact; however, one of the councilmen reveals a memorandum where everybody has dirty laundry that they want to hide, then they are all candidates to be guilty. Reasonable doubt. Alliances, betrayals, surprises, twists and discoveries follow one after the other throughout the night. None of them takes the blame.

The hours go by, potential candidates appear and disappear, personal links emerge or fade away. The night ends and the UCO arrives, but the councilors and the mayor still debate who will take the blame.

Hercules, 100 years of a Myth

Documentary that traces the one hundred years of Hercules’ history CFThe program features former players, coaches and directors of the club who talk about their feelings about the institution and their time in its ranks, as well as the club’s history.and historians who delve deeper into the origins and the most significant events that the Alicante entity has gone through.

the maskletà

A journey through time that reviews the Valencian music scene of the 90s and 2000s, by Nerea Sanfe and Jorge Villar, creator of the fanzine La Maskletà and owner of the bar of the same name. Lots of music, great guests and a surprise in every episode.

water we are

An elderly man is swept away by a torrent in severe flooding. Days later he is found in the sea. Carmen, his widow, has Alzheimer’s disease and despite having two children, she lives alone. Between memories and forgetfulness, his life becomes sadder and sadder. Her children decide, without her consent, to place her in a nursing home, but when they arrive home, Carmen is no longer there. In a moment of lucidity, he decided to follow another path.


Animals play a crucial role in our world, whether for food, personal satisfaction or helping humans in their daily activities. However, thousands of them are victims of illegal species trafficking, mistreated and some are rescued or seized by the authorities. The documentary brings together the most important public and professional organizations in Spain related to the animal world, to publicize the work in favor of animal welfare.

behind closed doors

Gerard is a former combatant in the French army. Years ago he moved to Spain where he managed to raise a family. After his wife’s disappearance, his life changed drastically. Now he wanders the streets of the city to get some coins. One morning, Alain, a doctor from an NGO finds Gerard lying on a bench in poor condition and offers to help him, inviting him to his home. Little by little the old man will begin to remember and will see that the help he has offered him… is not the result of chance.

carpe diem, everyone to catch

In times of crisis, four construction workers decide to rob the house of the builder they work for in order to take revenge for being fired in a bad way. After a failed first attempt, they decide to plan better, believing they are going to pull off the perfect coup. Several unforeseen surprises will make their plan not as good as they thought it would be.

discovering surfing

From the most famous and surprising beaches of Portugal, Spanish actors Luis Callejo and Emma Alvarez dare to discover the sport of surfing. to discover the sport of surfing the hand of Samuel Furtado, responsible for his apprenticeship. We will observe their concerns, reflections and experiences while they get to know and learn about this exciting sport.

the sadness of the mime

Every city is full of souls and each of those souls has its own story. Damien was the saddest mime I had ever seen.

looking out to sea

Mirando al Mar is a film about two lives that cross paths at the end of the road to begin again.
Ángel, a man from Madrid, goes to spend a few days in Alicante and meets Chelo, who changes his life. Between the two, a romance is born that Ángel sees as his last chance to be happy.


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